Are personal loan and online credit card safe?

You have probably come across several easy personal loan and credit card offers , today with the internet it’s even easier to get messages via Facebook and Whatsapp from companies offering personal credit. Some send emails, but social networks are more common and we are bombarded with tempting proposals, right?

We use the internet to make life easier, buy products, study, order services, and even order food for apps and websites. Now, is borrowing over the internet safe? Just like in banks and high street stores we must be very careful about the company we ask for credit, because on the internet and outside there are malicious people.

Here are tips for not falling for scams when applying for loans or any financial services:


1. Understand who offers personal loan and credit card

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Searching the internet we found several options for online personal loan and online credit card, right? For this understand how the company works. It can be direct with the bank or lender or even a partner, as is the case with EasyCredict . We have several partners and, directly from our application you analyze and request the best option for you, the approval is up to our partner.


2. Is the company known?

Take advantage of social networks, search engines and do research on who is the company offering the credit. Browse Facebook pages, for example, and see what customers are talking about. Another safe source to search for is Complain Here , as there are most complaints from various companies.


3. See how this company talks

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There are cases when the company is not clear in communication, either on the website and on social networks. There may be errors in Portuguese, wrong address and phone number and even fake website. Access and search everything! Even when you need money fast, beware of bad people as they take advantage of this situation.


4. Be Wary of Miracle Loans

There is no company that offers overnight solutions, all seriously working personal credit and credit card companies will consult your profile with the governing bodies. Some offer credit and credit card for negatives, but there is always consultation with SPC and CERASA. This happens for your safety and business.


5. Do not make advance payments

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This practice is typical of uninsured companies, do not make any advance deposits as long as there is no contract. Checking the bank details offered for the payment of your installments is also important. This practice is illegal and should be reported to the police with legal measures.


6. Save all protocols and conversations

Whenever you communicate with the company, ask for protocol numbers, ask them to email the conversation, and save anything that can protect you if anything happens. Like other media, the internet allows us to save everything we do and talk, any social networking conversation today can be a test in your favor.


7. Have a contract

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In addition to saving all conversations and protocols, require a contract or any legal document that can assure you of the contracted service. Applying for personal credit and credit card online are operations that should be safe, do so with caution even in times of need.

Did you suspect anything related to Lifeline Credit? Contact us through the official service channels.


8. Avoid the Blow

To help you not fall for scams, watch the video we have prepared!