Where to Get a Loan of 30,000 Rubles? Compare the Offers of Banks and MFIs

Bank Standard Loan

Bank Standard Loan

Under the standard means a loan that is issued in the presence of a certificate of income.

This is the most profitable lending option, you can take a loan of 30,000 at 12%, or even less, if the client is permanent or salary. But this option is not suitable for everyone.

What citizens are targeted product:
– who do not need money here and now. Consideration of the questionnaire will take 1-3 days;
– which can provide a certificate or confirm income through the website of state services;
– which have a positive credit history. With a negative loan is not obtained.

Important! 30,000 rubles for standard loans is a rather small limit, therefore not all banks operate with such amounts. Pay attention to this when choosing a program.

Borrow 30,000 on an urgent program

Borrow 30,000 on an urgent program

Simplified cash loan issuance banking program. Express products do not involve the collection of a large package of documents, you can do without references, income will be taken into account from the words of the borrower.

Express loans are always characterized by small amounts, so you can get a loan for 30,000 rubles without any problems.

When issuing an express loan, the bank carries increased risks, so the product rate will be higher than when issuing a standard loan. Even if the bank writes “from 15%”, immediately expect that the rate will not be less than 25% per annum.

What citizens are targeted product:
– who can not provide help, work informally;
– who need money today. The loan is issued on the same day, but if the application is submitted in the evening, the money will be provided only the next day during the opening hours of the bank office;
– which have a favorable credit history. If a negative is detected, the application will be refused.

Important! Banks seriously assess applicants who wish to receive an express loan, as it is issued without proof of income and employment. The likelihood of approval is not so high, only “good” borrowers are credited.

Registration of a short-term term loan in MFI

Registration of a short-term term loan in MFI

Microfinance structures offer radically other loan products. Here you can take a loan of 30,000 at stake, you never need help, you can get a loan completely online.

The most popular product among borrowers is a payday loan, the limit of which can be as high as 30,000 rubles. This is a loan that is issued entirely online using only a passport. But due to the simplified issue, quite high rates are set – 0.7-2.3% per day for the amount of the loan. The repayment period does not exceed 30 days.

To whom the product is targeted:
– For citizens who need money right now. Online loans are issued around the clock and always in 15-30 minutes;
– For citizens who can not boast a positive credit history. This is the most affordable product for such applicants;
– for clients who plan to quickly pay off the debt in just a few weeks (the loan is repaid in one payment).

Important! In practice, a loan of 30,000 rubles to get at the first appeal to the MFI is extremely difficult. This is the maximum disbursement limit for such programs, usually new borrowers receive no more than 10,000-15,000 rubles, and applicants with a poor credit history are even less.

MFO long-term loan of 30,000 rubles

MFO long-term loan of 30,000 rubles

The second option for lending in MFIs is to get a long-term microloan; this is a better option if you need to borrow exactly 30,000 rubles.

It is much easier to find microfinance organizations that issue such amounts for long-term products, for which limits are issued up to 50,000-80000 rubles.

Programs require a gradual repayment of the loan, you can take a loan of 30,000 per year and repay it gradually in equal installments. The minimum term for concluding a contract is 6-8 weeks. The rate is around 0.8% per day.

To suit such programs:
– citizens who need money urgently. Registration will not take more than a couple of hours, some MFIs issue such loans around the clock completely online;
– applicants with a negative credit history;
– heavily credited citizens. You can stretch 30,000 for a long time, then the payment will be small.


A loan of 30,000 is issued by the bank only to citizens whose personal data and credit history is not satisfactory. Lending at a bank is more profitable, but if you need to get funds extremely quickly, if there are problems with the file, it is best to turn to the field of microcredit. And it is better to focus on long-term products right away, a short-term microloan is unlikely to be obtained for such an amount.

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